Enterprise Architecture

I have recently been working with the DWP, developing an Enterprise Architecture target visions model for the Personal Accounts programme based on the Archimate and using the BiZZdesign Architect EA tool. TOGAF, Zachman Framework, FEA and other industry best practices EA frameworks are also influencing the work.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework is designed with Architecture Domains for Strategy & Business Vision, Business Services, Business Processes, Information, Applications, Technology and Performance structured into several layers of concern.

The first iteration of the Target Vision Enterprise Architecture models are being developed from the top down starting with the definition of Strategic Policies, Common Requirements Vision, Principles, High Level Business Requirements, Business Process Models, Information Architecture and Application Architecture models.

These Target Enterprise Architecture deliverables will be further refined over a number of iterations. They will provide a reference model to support the 'intelligent customer' concept and as a blueprint and foundation for the future procurement of the Personal Accounts solution by the Delivery Authority.


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